Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We had such a wonderful time at the wedding this weekend! Their theme was the song from Lionel Richie "All Night Long", it was featured in little parts through out the wedding. I'm bummed I don't have a lot of details pictures, more dancing ones! But I will post when I get more of our friends pictures. It was awesome! The reception was at the EpiCenter in South Boston, I am a huge fan of cocktail receptions! The night turned into a full on dance party!

How cute is this sign, it was hung up as you walked in!
A view from above the par-tay

A list of the signature drinks and the menu for the evening

Kimba & A's clam chowder

My new friends, she's from Madison, Wisconsin! And we dressed alike!

Kryan & The Hicks

Kimba & Fave A

A few the men in the picture may or may not read ATK now and then

You will not meet a person who loved taking pictures of themselves more then me!

And...ARM LIMBO!!!! (And yes that is MG on the left)

Fake stashes for the crew

I will post more pix when i get them!

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