Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fog Happens

Famous ACK saying.

The weather here in the Northeast is nuts. In Boston it's not as bad is on the Cape, Music Guy's parents lost power this afternoon. So we're not heading down this weekend. I was really looking forward to it, but weather happens.

Though it's pretty cruddy out it didn't put a damper on our dress outting this morning. I am sticking with the dress I orginaly thought, which is another thing off the wedding to-do's. Every one seemed to be a fan of the dress so I know the two who could not be there will be also. Speaking of they will send out sample dresses to bridesmaids who do not live in LA, DC or Boston and can not make it to the store. So i'm very happy my MOH will be able to try on the dress before we place the order!

We headed to Joe's on Newbury after for lunch. I just love that place. (i'll add links when I get to work, blogger doesn't work well with our Mac, or it's user error). A of Fave Couple and I hit H&M after to check out maternity clothes...Yep A is preggers! And get this their baby boy due on my birthday! Also any day now another friend of ours will have their second girl!!! It's the year of weddings and babies, well I guess it's the age we are. Everyone knows about that! We did a bit more shopping and had a wonderful afternoon. Isn't any afternoon wonderful when you buy two new pair of shoes?!

Hope you're having a great weekend! And if you're on the Cape, hang on it's windy out there!


Jeff Cutler said...

Probably user error or the age of the Mac. Laptop or desktop machine? G3/G4/G5 or Intel? I'm on an iBook Wijacking right now and it's working fine.

Like your blog - found it from Sarah's site - Pink Shoe Diaries.

Can you answer a question related to the islands? Why does everyone seem to dislike scooter riders? I was there last month (OK, it was only October but now we're in NaBloPoMo November) and got run off the road by a guy.

I'm fine, no crash, but was disillusioned by the affair. I've lived in MA my whole life and don't hold any hatred for Cape people or anyone from the islands, why is the reverse true? Or is it?



Kimba Rimba said...

It's a new MacBook OS10, do you have ideas? It only has spelling and add a picture as an option on the top bar on the box you write in. And when I go to use spell check it comes up with an error.

Well if you're riding in the middle of the street going slow i could see why. But that doesn't mean someone should run you off the road or harm any riders.

Not sure on your last question.

Thanks for reading!!!

Suz said...

glad you get to go with the original dress. umm, 11:30 on Saturday night and I stayed in? What?

Kimba Rimba said...

At the time you posted, i was already in bed asleep...i know you don't believe me! I'm resting up for your big weekend!