Sunday, November 04, 2007

So we won!

Yikes... It was a big day in football in the Kimba Music Guy house....

Wisconsin lost...Michigan won... BUT

Packers won big time in the end.

Pats...I am not made for games like that...but in the end they won. I knew they would (until half way through the game).

Music Guy just talked to his parents and they do not yet have TV, but we kept them updated. LETS GO PATS! It was stressful but it feels good!

It really is stressful to be a fan of sports. You lose sleep, you yell and scream hoping the people below you (Zac and Sara) know it's about the game! LETS GO TEAM!!!!

Love love love being a fan!!!!!!!

Last week at this time it was a big night for us Sox fans!

Dear Lord we are so happy to sleep from here on out!!!!

Thanks Pats!!!

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IrishEyes said...

YES. . .What a game!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I totally agree with you about stressing over sports. . .I know what you mean!

Go Pats!!