Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You are not the biggest loser....

Well my girl Kae was eliminated last night on the Biggest Loser. She looked fantastic when she came back for the live weigh in! I didn't realize Neil (from Marblehead) was only 25, he looks 35. Nothing wrong with looking 35....but there is when you're 25. I wish when they were weighing in they would tell you their height. I like Sami Brady...err Alison Sweeney as the host though she's been looking a little busted as of late. Great show!

It's been a busy last few days. I spent as much time in the office yesterday then I did at home. But I am hoping to leave early today and won't be back until Monday! Looking forward to a very nice Thanksgiving on the Cape.

Hit the gym this morning, I always forget how freaking wonderful it is to have the gym out of the way!

Oh...speaking of Biggest Loser one of the trivia questions was "How many grams of sugar is in one large scoop of canned Cranberries" I don't remember the exact number but it was close to 104. The same as 5 candy bars. Yep, canned cranberries are my fave side dish. Thanks!

I know some of you are participating in NaBloPoMo and I am also trying to make a showing. I have posted everyday and though some are pretty weak it's still a post right? Well the other night Music Guy said my blog is now watered down. I agree but who asked him anyway! So thanks to those who are sticking with me. Something exciting is bound to happen in the month of November for me to post about, I promise!

One thing I am thankful for are my fabulous blog friends!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Libby said...

I know the blog-post-drain you are feeling, it's *hard* to be interesting *every* day!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Music Guy, gobble, gobble, my friend!

Donna said...

Tell Music Guy HE is watered down! I love your blog. It makes my day! Are you still watching The HIlls? My 24 year old daughter thinks it is INSANE that I love it.
Have a great Thanksgiving!

hqm said...

I wish I were going to the Cape for Thanksgiving!
I was sad to see Kae go, too! But, how fantastic does she look now? And I agree, Neil looks WAY older than 25...his girlfriend was adorable, don't ya think?
Have a great Thanksgiving!

NMB said...

I watched Biggest Loser last night as well. When they say how much the contestants weigh and I think about how much *I* weigh....I'm absolutely convinced that I carry it better than they do. Granted, no one looks great in spandex shorts but still...I definitely think I was eating a cookie and drinking sweet tea when I was watching it.
Bring on the Pecan Pie (which has the MOST calories!)!