Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to work

It's been a nice few days off! But i'm already starting to get stressed about work so I know my vacation is over! 

We...err Music Guy spent some time today on  our wedding website and it's almost done! We decided to create our own and it sure is our own! I have to get pictures of the wedding party and add our registry which means I have to actually start to register. Which won't be to big of a deal as we're pretty sure what we're going to register for. 

I did some annoying cleaning today,  wiped down the cupboards inside and out and cleaned the floorboards under the cupboards. Also did a lot of dusting, which is project that could be done daily. Has anyone used the Mr. Clean Eraser DUO? It works pretty well though you don't get as much use out of them for what they cost but it is a time saver. And most of the time that is priceless! 

Well we're about to put up our Christmas decorations, bring on the garland!

Enjoy the Patriots game all you Pats Fans!!!!!


CBM said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see your wedding website!!

Happy Homemaker said...

You'll have to show us your Christmas decorations!

Sarah M said...

I loved doing the registry. Is Music Guy interested at all in what you pick? I was suprised by how involved my husband was. Good luck!

Kimba Rimba said...

Oh yes, he is! More so I don't pick out stuff that we "don't need". Like I suggested a Cheese Dome, and he nixed that! Not sure why! :)

LooLoo said...

argh, i HATE that sort of cleaning! I did it too over the weekend, all the nooks and cranies are clean.