Saturday, November 17, 2007

What dust?

After a great workout this morning I spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning. And if I do say so myself we are pretty much dust free! Always a good feeling. But tomorrow I'm getting after my closet. That should be fun! HA!

We had a nice evening hanging out with the Hicks last night. They got married in September so needless to say there was a lot of wedding talk.

Speaking of you have any suggestions on wedding shoes? What are good sites to check out? And some dos and don'ts?

Hope you're having a good weekend! I was a huge fan of seeing the sun today!


Anonymous said...

I managed to find flats that almost resembled a loafer for my wedding shoe. As much as I love a great heel, it's not my best "look" or "walk" - so, I wanted comfy ... and ended up with a slipper/loafer. Damn, I can't remember the brand, I ordered them through a bridal store. I am sure they are somewhere in my attic :)

Anonymous said...

I used They were great. My shoes were special order and service was great.

Mrs.Preppy said...

I had an impossible time searshing for wedding shoes. I ended up getting them at Priscilla of Boston. They were so comfortable I was able to wear them all night, plus I think they have the possibility to be reworn. (Either in their original state or dyed black.)

MMM said...

I've got some wedding shoe posts on my blog. Check the wedding outfits archive label! I wore Kate Spade shoes and JCrew flip flops at the reception.

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

I also used and was very happy with them. Just don't forget cute flats for later in the evening- trust me, you will need them!