Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gobble Gobble...

Turkey Day is almost here! I am very excited this year. I will be spending it with Music Guy's family on the Cape. We're heading down this afternoon (fingers crossed I can get out of work). We have not been down to the Cape this fall, it has been so busy, this is a much needed trip.

The apartment is coming right along. We have cleared out all of the boxes and have started hanging pictures. I love love love our place. It is so "me"!

I just got an email that JCrew is offering $4.95 for shipping if you shop online over the weekend. So of course I click on their site to see if they have added any more sale items. AND they have....The thing that ticks me off is their were these cropped cords I had put in my shopping bag and when I went to check out they were sold out. BUT they're back on line now. It's BS. I also checked my order status and it shipping yesterday, which means it won't get here today before the long weekend. I might come into work on Friday to see if it is here. But my luck it won't be and it will be a wasted trip. I hate doing ground shipping, I feel they don't ship it out for days. And it's coming from VA so it'll take two days to get to Boston.

Enough of that, we're kicking off the Holiday season and I am in a super great mood. We're getting a tree on Friday and putting out all of the Christmas decorations. :)

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving! Lots o' food and football...Best day ever!

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