Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Saturday!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we did indeed!

I would love to hear if any of you enjoyed black Friday! If you head over to Erin's blog you'll see she sure did, you go girl! My mom and I use to get up early and just "enjoy" the crowds, it was fun to watch all the people run around! I remember going to Target or Wal-Mart and getting a free stuffed Santa for being the first 500 or something along those lines! Oh those were the days.
Yesterday was a bit different for me. I did do some shopping but it was not for Christmas gifts, it was for household items. And it was FUN! We came back early from the Cape to keep on trucking with our place. I first headed off to the Christmas Tree Shop, I'm not going to lie I really love that place! I picked up a ton of red and green Christmas candles, some other little Christmas goodies. The one I went to was very picked over so I tried to get out of there as quick as I could. I was not about to waste time, and also there were grey hair's everywhere. I then headed over to A.C. Morre to get a BUNCH of fake hydrangeas. I have been waiting forever to put together my Nantucket Basket and hydrangea centerpiece (I'll have Music Guy take a picture). Speaking of Music Guy, he's been so good this last week. He just sits back and let's me decorate and if he thinks something would be better he'll let me know, but most of the time he just tells me how nice it looks! Anywho.... They were having a sale 50% off all fake flowers, so I cleaned them out. I don't have a place for them all, but at the price I'll find a spot! Then it was off to Target, this was not as fun as my first two stops! I had some real work to do, list and all! Kind of annoying...But I got it done, the only thing I forgot was coffee filters.
Then it was back home to make the long awaited centerpiece and fill my other baskets with goodies. I have a very Cape style and I wanted to keep it that way so we mixed my lighthouses and ACK baskets with stainless steel, wood and a few other items to give it a city feel.

Now we're at today! Music Guy and I woke up and walked to the store to get some eggs and english muffins for our first breakfast at our new place. It was so nice and relaxing, I could get use to that (and the fact Music Guy made it for me)! Another nice thing is we have Johnny Foodmasters right down the street and we're SO use to Whole Foods I couldn't get over we walked out of there with breakfast items for under $30.00 (we also got OJ and cranberry juice).
Then I had to run back to The Christmas Tree Shop to return a tad to shiny vase and also pick up some window candle lights for each of our downstairs windows.
While I was doing all of that Music Guy was cleaning and helping me with laundry. His parents are coming today to stay the night. I can't wait for his mom to finally see our place, a lot of how I have decorated is just like her place. Difference is A. Her things are a lot nicer and classier and B. She lives on the Cape, so her style works much better!
I am on my way back to the store. I can not have his parents come and the only things we have in our place are Chardo, tonic, Coolers Lite, cheese and eggs!

I hope you guys here on the East Coast are enjoying this wonderful Saturday! Also Notre Dame and USC play tonight, if USC loses that is REALLY GOOD for Michigan. GO ND!

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clipper829 said...

If you got out of Whole Foods for under fifty dollars, you are officially my hero. I can't even go near that place for less than that!