Monday, November 27, 2006

My order has arrived....

FINALLY....My JCrew order is here. And of course I love it all. Go figure! The sweater for Music Guy is super cute, hopefully he too will like it. The jackets are nice, I'll have a mini fashion show with myself when I get home. I just need to hang some more mirrors up to see!

The bus ride this morning was a bit more of what I should expect, now that Turkey Day has passed. It was very busy on the bus, a lot of riders and no one looked happy. I on the other had was very happy. Music Guy updated my iPod so I got to listen to The Fray "How to Save a Life" my whole ride in. Oh, I did mix in some Paolo Nutini "New Shoes", his stuff is great. He is suppose to be better and bigger then James Blunt, and I agree! Music Guy works for a record company and they are putting out Paolo's CD. And it is sooo good.
Because he works in the music business and loves music, I always get to hear the new stuff first, I won't lie I don't always like what he's playing but it's a nice when I do! Speaking of nice things, now that we are shaking up together I get the benefit of his Apple Airport Airtunes (i think that's what it's called). It's so cool, wireless music every place in the house! I am already enjoying it!

We put up some Christmas decorations last night, it looks great, hopefully I'll get a picture up soon!

Busy busy now, i'm sure i'll blog when i get home!

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