Friday, November 10, 2006

What a cute dress needs!

Everyone has those cute little dresses that only need a cute necklace to really make the outfit "pop"! Pearls are great, but with so many cute preppy options out there why just limit yourself to pearls? *I myself am a pearl girl so please no comments on me being a pearl basher*

One of music guys (how I will refer to my lovely boyfriend) best buddies is engaged to a very talented Jewelry designer out of NYC, Kelley Pillman of KEP Designs. I was talking with KEP last month at a friends wedding and she said "You should check out my Jewelry, they would go great with all of the cute dresses you have". So it got me thinking, she's right! I need to head on over to her site and pick out some goodies! I have found a few that I don't think I can live without!

Also, if you live in Boston you should stop by In The Pink on Newbury Street and see some of KEP's single strand pieces. It's nice if you can see it in person before buying, but I've seen a ton of her work and I'm all over it!

Here are the ones I will be ordering, maybe not ALL, but my wish list has begun!

I think this topic comes from the fact we'll be attending their Engagement Party tomorrow night. If I was more on the ball I would have placed my order a few weeks ago. When we talked about it, but that's for Charlestown days. This blog isn't ALL about giving my friends or other designers I enjoy shout outs, but it also doesn't hurt. I think I've had so many things i've wanted to blog about I just hadn't done it, so now it's all spilling out!

Which now has me thinking about what i am going to wear tomorrow night. I think some jeans and cute heels, but for the top? I packed away most of my clothes and can't justify buying anything as it will have to be moved. So what's a girl to do. Maybe Sara and I will take a trip and see if a really nice cute top is on sale! Speaking of Sara, we'll address her later, i want to have a whole post just for her! She doesn't own her own company so don't worry I won't be pushing more things on you!


Anonymous said...

Those are some sweet looking necklaces. Thanks for posting.

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