Thursday, October 05, 2006


Fall is here. And I am ready! I have been looking forward to fall this year. That is very unlike me. I try to hold on to summer as long as I can. Not this year!!! I think it has to do with some cute sweaters I got over the summer. Nothing special just new!

I have missed not coming on my blog and just typing about nothing. So here i start!
One thing i have to do is get better at the settings on this darn thing. I need to learn how to add links, pix and all that good stuff!
But for now i will give you a list of my favorite blog links. This site showed me the blogging world I enjoy what Erin has to say, and she always has me laughing. Look to her for the grand Social Life in NYC and a cute Greyhound Hick really is amazing.

Clothing just love them The L.L. Bean of the Midwest I find to many things i love here This could be for any category Boston's local Lilly Store Murray's Toggery Shop a must stop on ACK

More later, off to visit Kate in JP! Giddy up!

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