Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sox anyone?

Wow, I love the Red Sox just as much as the next person...maybe more. But we're in the bottom of the 19th inning. But this is a bit much, and it's the last game before the All Star break. Brutal!

I downloaded two new ringers for my cell phone tonight. The first one is "All at Sea" by Jamie Cullem. I loved that song when it first came out and when ever I hear it I think about the summer. It's a good "chill" song. So that is set as my main ringer. And the second song I got was "Satellite" by Guster. I just love their new CD. I am lucky to have a boyfriend (Ryan) who works in the Music Industry and loves all music new and old. He has MADE me listen to a lot and I sure know a lit more. For the last month or so we have listened to the new Guster CD and it really stuck with me (both of us). A few weeks ago they played a private VIP show at the Tavern on the Water and I would say there were about 50 people there out on their deck right on the water, it was so awesome. I get all happy when I hear a song from that CD so I got "Satellite" and have it sent when Ry calls. He just called and I hated to answer it sounded so cool!

Italy won, the North End is again going to start on fire. The last time Italy won was the year I was born, no kidding huh?/! But I didn't get into it, I am not much on soccer. But the French didn't win so i'm happy!

Well my Sox just lost to the White Sox. 19 innings. Time total was 6 hr and 19min. That is a crappy way to go into the All Star break. Gesh! Good thing we don't have to play a series tomorrow.

I finally finished my Ocean Spray lite cranberry juice and I am off to read some of my trashy Cleb maggers in bed! Oh and I need to let my self-tanner dry.

Sleep tight!

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