Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tote talk vol 87893743

Ok, so you all remember the Burberry tote I didn't like.

Well I decided to give it a test drive last night and low and behold I love it! I've been using my Lands End tote since the wedding so downsizing didn't seem like an option for me. But after I took out my wallet, and a few extra things I like to have with me the stuff left was just random crap. Like who needs 6 pens in their bag? The only thing is I like to carry files around with me to and from work to read on my commute and though they will fit, it doesn't leave a lot of room.

THAT said, thank you all for your suggestions and thoughts on the subject!

The lovely Nina asked about the points I used to buy it. Well at work they use to have this points reward system that executives could give out for "a job well done" or for really any reason. (It is the same reward company that Airlines use for their miles rewards) I think they are about 5 cents a point, so I had enough to buy the tote and an elliptical!!! The reason I had so many points was because I have not used any in the 3 plus years i've been there. I was holding on to them to get something big!

Ah yes, the elliptical... it was to arrive on Dec. 30 but because of the big snow storm we got it was delayed. So it finally arrived two weeks later and is still sitting in our foyer until the contractors are finished with our bedroom project. Which should be finished tomorrow!!!

Has anyone seen the Slap Chop ad, it is so funny, it's with Vince the ShamWow guy!


Puttin' On The GRITS said...

I saw the slap chop ad today for the first time and Country said, "WATCH THIS! I love this commercial!"....'YOURE GOING TO LOVE MY NUTS!" It's really funny and I don't think it's supposed to be!

Heidi said...

I am glad you gave your Burberry tote a try. I have a psycho love for anything Burberry so I was so sad when you posted that you didn't like it.

...but I know what you mean when it just doesn't work, ya know?

Donna said...

If you still also want a Kate they are practically giving away bags and shoes at Just found a 400 purse for about 100 as well as a pair of their shoes also for 100. Can't believe they had my size 9. Also free ship if you google it...new2ks or something like that.