Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Top It Off Accessories Sale

HERE I AM! My blog has been locked for about a week and I was able to get blogger to reset my password, though the password was not the issue. It seems someone tried to "hack" into my account. I tell you people, if I was trying to do some hacking blogger would be my first stop!

On to bigger and better news, I wanted to quickly remind you all the great sale Top It Off is having for the month of January. They are offering 50% off your total order purchase with the code Cheers(discount will be applied when the order ships) and Free Shipping through the month of January.

I'm a huge fan of their belts, I love the black crab belt, I pair it with a black suit and pink button down for work. I also wear it with black pants and a black top and my pink scarf when i'm feeling sassy in the office.

That is just one of many items i'm a huge fan of. The also sent me a lovely super preppy pair of pink and green flip flops I blogged about this summer. I pretty much have worn them in, which is not easy but it is if you wear them to commute every day and I wore them in the sand and they got a little dirty. But they're holding strong! If you notice on their site they have some new styles coming out in February for those of us who are taking a mini spring break or just want to think spring!
Head on over and add a little pop to your already preppy style!


a. @ coterie said...

I have lots of belts from Top it Off and LOVE them. I even have the one with the crab :-)

E said...

love that belt- and i love how you incorporated it into sassy work outfits!

Anonymous said...

love their belts as well - can never have enough!

Sarah said...

haha I love feeling sassy in the office!