Saturday, March 07, 2009

Cape Bound

It was 63 on the Cape today, we took advantage and got out of the city and headed to the Cape.

I decided it was a perfect day to go for a run on the beach, so that is what I did! And it was just what I needed!

You can't see it too well but if you look closely the little white speck is the slow ferry heading over to Nantucket! How fun would it be to be on board! Though I'd prefer the fast ferry! Also the piece of land you see in the back is the Hyannisport Club where we had our wedding reception!

Though I might not be blogging daily, it's always on my mind! I thought what is preppier then my blog in sand!

Though I took a bunch of pictures I sure got a great workout in! If you saw a crazy lady doing pushups and crunches on the beach, you should have said hi, it was me! Dork! :)

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