Friday, March 27, 2009

The Timothy Geithner Show

Preface, many financial firms across the country are talking about Timothy Geithner and his effect on the economy, I would like to say today at this firm just for a few minutes and a laugh that was not the case.

My very very sassy colleague Em overheard me joking to another colleague about my "love" for Timothy Geithner in which colleague #2 said "he looks like a weine". So Sassy Em kept to herself and walked to the printer and then came over and put the below pic on my wall! Gosh it made for some great comments from those not in the know. Sassy indeed!

SO not to be out done, I played along and framed my fave Geithner picture and added it to my "framed pic collection" on my desk.

My framed pictures are one of MG and I at the beach on our wedding day, a picture of us at Great Point on Nantucket and the one you see is a gal I work with at our wedding. And of course the new addition, Timmy G!


Sassy Em said...

I like my blog alias. I am disappointed he only lasted a day on your wall....

Kimba said...

The alias fits you! :)