Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Friday ACK 9.7.07

Friday seemed to be the only beach day it was warm and not as windy. A had some friends vacationing on the Island (with cars) so we tagged along with them to Nobadeer Beach. One of my favorite things about Nobadeer is that you can drive on the beach and they are pet friendly. It also is right by the airport so it gives you a little action. I also feel not many people pick Nobadeer as there are no lifeguard or no facilities which is not ideal if you're with kids.

I had to be back and ready by 5:30 so we had to pack up a little earlier then we all wanted to. But we got some good beach time in!

Becky and I met for a drink at the The Gazebo as both our guys were in the wedding party and we figured we'd meet up and be each others date! (The Gazebo also sells cigarettes for $9.00 a pack if anyone is interested)

Here is a picture of me with Becky and her boyfriend the Best Man Rufas at dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner was at Caption Tobey's in town. It was so much fun to have the true Nantucket feel. I only have this one picture for now.
It was a lobster theme complete with lobster suckers with their names attached!

After our Rehearsal festivities the plan was to meet the rest of the wedding goers at The RopeWalk which is my favorite bar on ACK! It was a blast!
On to the big day!

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