Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Friends and beaches

I didn't end up going to the Cape this weekend. I had too much to get completed around the house and at work before we take off for our next wedding round. But of course I made the most of staying in the city!

I headed to visit my girl All Things Sketchy in Marblehead to check out her new digs. Sara and her man Ben just bought a wonderful new house and I was so happy to finally see it. Because of course when they're having their house warming party I can not attend, yes you guessed itI have a wedding.

We went to a bunch of little super cute shops and got a bunch of little super cute things. I got a pair of crystal starfish earrings which Sara said "is so Kimba" and she got a pair of silver starfish earrings to match her necklace. If you know her she loves starfish! It really is no wonder we get along so well! Our next stop was an accessory store that was having a 40% off summer sale, I got a bracelet that matches the earrings and necklace set we wore in J's wedding. And Sara got a pair of madras flip flops.
Our final stop was the best In The Pink. They were also having a 40% off sale on their summer items. I got two dresses and a clutch for the price of one and a half dresses. Both I will be wearing to the rehearsal dinner and wedding this weekend. The rehearsal dinner dress is from Day Lilly the Kinsey Dress Seersucker I am going to pair it with the jewelery I wore to J's wedding and strappy silver heels. They show it with gold in the picture but when I had it on silver dressed up the look. **Side note I prefaced in my last post I will still be wearing white, linen and seersucker this weekend, so no comments about it**
The next dress I will be wearing to the wedding is from Social Butterfly the Laurel Dress Solid in pink. The bamboo ring is gold so that calls for gold stud earrings and strappy gold heels. To top off both looks I got the Patio Clutch in parade pink.

After that it was time to go home! It was such a blast to see Sara outside of our once a week quick lunch! She's just wonderful!

Sunday morning Kateson and I went to Cranes Beach in Ipswich. It is her favorite beach and I can see why, every where you look was the most breath taking sights!

Monday was spent cleaning and packing and the evening ended with Music Guy and I having a "cookout" (just the two of us) with turkey burgers and a potato veggie bomb and watching the Sox!

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and have a great week! I hope to check in from ACK along with a lot of great pictures!



Donna said...

Oh, Kimba, it is such fun to hear about what you are wearing to this weekend's wedding. Between you and my pal Ginger (Kep's stepmom) I feel like i will almost be there. So good to hear about it from you and cannot wait to see your pictures. Sad we can't go but our hearts will be there, that's for sure!

Kimba Rimba said...

Donna, I promise I will bring back tons of pictures and a full recap. We'll be attending the beach clam bake tomorrow and the kick-off Thursday, lots of good stories!!!

Libby said...

I *cannot wait* to watch the festivities unfold via your posts, it's going to be a fantastic time!! Thank you for letting us all live vicariously through you!

ps: next time you're in Marblehead check out Maddies Sail Loft, you won't be sorry!

J said...

Both those dresses are so cute!

I decided I'm going to rebel like you and still wear white this week!!! The weather is still summery and I'm just not ready to pack away all my white skirts yet.

Sara O'Brien said...

Ahhh, Libby! The Sail Loft is a lovely little establishment serving only the strongest drinks available in town! Kimba surely would have enjoyed it. Next time I will make sure we do our rounds :)

hqm said...

Great finds...I love 40% off of anything!
And what is a "potato veggie bomb?

RED said...

LOVE your finds! CAn't wait to hear all about your long weekend fun! Have an awesome time!
You are going to look so fantastic in those dresses! Have fun! Cheers!

Donna said...

You are going to steal the show from everyone in those cute dresses! And I agree....what is a potato veggie bomb? sounds fabulous.

Kimba Rimba said...

A potato veggie bomb is:

Red Bliss potatos, red, green and yellow peppers and onions. And some spices! Wrap it in tin foil and put it on the grill for a good 45 min it is delish!

Britt said...

You got some great Lilly sale finds! Enjoy wearing them - I'm wearing Lilly this weekend to a wedding too!

I was going to ask about "potato veggie bomb" and I think we will have to try that when we grill out next time!

IrishEyes said...

Great dresses. . .and on sale. You are the best shopper! Can't wait to see the pics. Relax. . . let the weekend unfold. . .and update us on your return.

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Your purchases are great! Hope you have a great time.

My family is from Ipswich - Caldwell is the surname- our house is still there- and in residence. It is something like 400 years old-

We are members of the DAR and all of the original names are from/ in Ipswich- I love it there

jilly said...

I haven't had a chance to comment lately, but I LOVED the pics from the wedding and you looked GORGEOUS and it looks like you had a blast! Cheers!

RED said...

kimba! update soon please!
I can't wait to hear all about Nantucket!