Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Thoughts...

While having drinks at Fave A's house last night it came to me I started dating my now husband when I was 22. Gesh, why was I exclusive so young. 

You all know the term "Dress for the job you want not the job you have", i'll take that thought and apply it to this, "Dress for the activity level you want, not the activity you are". So with that I am in gym clothes blogging/twittering

Off for a run, and yes my foot is still sore, so if my next update is from the ER, you can all say "i told you so". 

Everyone wave Hi to my new blogging LA buddy Paisley Peunia, she is so super cute! Speaking of blogging BFF, my super super fave Suz, sent be the best email this morning, she wanted to let me know my boyfriend Joe Scarborough was on The Today Show, love it!

I was coming back from getting coffee this morning and a realtor was showing these young gals the one rental on our street and said this place is great if you're drunk and forget your keys as the door is always open, if it's ever locked just buzz the people above and tell them you just got back from the bar and have beer. SO what do I do, look at him give him this look and say "wow", and walked in our house. Yep, I am now old and don't want riff raff on our street. You can slap me now, i deserve it. 

My wonderful friend Kate is running the Kentucky Derby Marathon today, good luck Kateson, you'll be great!!!

Off to enjoy the 80 degree day we have here in Boston!!!

Chalk this post up to "ALL THINGS KIMBA, ATK". 


Suz said...

Always thinking of you, kiddo!

E said...

i hope your foot is better! i hate dealing with injuries when you just want to get out there and run- especially when the weather is so nice! hope you're on the mend and things go well!

thepreppyprincess said...

Hopefully you are feeling better by the time you see this Miss Kimba, and you can enjoy your weekend!

Peace, love, and Big said...

Hey Kimba! I'm finally following you! It's me... LittleMissWhit, from Twitter! he he! :)

I'm excited to start stalking you!!!!