Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A few fave ATK Tunes

Alon: Right Now (Na Na Na), Beautiful, Don't Matter

TI: Dead and Gone, Live your Life, Whatever you Like

Ne-Yo: Miss Independent

Flo Rida: Right Round**

I thought you might like to see a few songs I listened to over and over on iTunes (30 seconds each over and over) Feeling pretty sassy getting in touch with my gangsta side!

**Right Round is the only song I own, and did listen to it on repeat for an entire 45 minute run!


Melissa said...

I'm pretty much obsessed with "Right Round." Great song!

J said...

I just downloaded Right Round! It is a great running song. I also sort of have a crush on TI. Have you watched his reality show? It's about him going to jail. Classy.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

I, like J, have a secret crush on TI. Love all those songs you secret gangsta grl!

Preppy in Beantown said...


I just came upon the amazingness of "Right Round" last week. It has changed my life.

Can I also just mention a throwback jam that I've been obsessively listening to for 2 weeks? Ummm, a little T.Pain "Buy you a Drank."

Peace, love, and Big said...

Looove these songs! :) The boyf makes fun of me for jamming out to them...