Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jacked Up

If you've been following me on twitter you know i've been running a lot the past few months. Well yesterday I was about to head to the gym and I noticed my left achilles was hurting and ended up taking the day off from running. Well today it's 10 times worse, if anyone has ever had achilles problems they know how freaking painful it is. 

I'm super bummed as it's very nice out and what a perfect day to go for a run outside around the Charles River. My right achilles is the one I've had looked at over and over from different doctors so now that i'm having pain in my left I official have bad achilles. Darn Greeks!

I've blogged about it my darn feet before. No way no how will I be back in any boot, so i've decided to let my heel heal. 

So on this beautiful day I'm inside watching the Celtic's first playoff game and trying to force myself to read Class with the Countess, more on that later.


Preppy 101 said...

Take care of yourself! A friend of mine had to have that surgery and the recovery is long and requires much patience!

Melissa said...

Feel better!

LOL you bought "Class With The Countess?!" Please tell us about it!

I bought "Naturally Thin" by Bethenny. Seems pretty good so far!

Preppy Sue said...

Rest up and hopefully it will feel better soon.

I own boot too, not so fun!

Beth Dunn said...

My husband has the same issue. I hope you feel better soon. xoxo

Liane said...

You have the worst foot/leg luck ever! Feel better and yes, you must blog about "Class with teh Countess"!

Donna said...

Yes, do tell us about Class with the Countess. I have lost ten pounds just from reading Bethenny's book, and have tried many of her recipes. They are amazing! Take care of that foot!