Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sox = Spring

The Red Sox are on and I am ONE happy girl! 

Another All things Kimba moment:

I got these new shoe inserts that have grip on them as my shoes are a little to big after a few wears. So Monday I put them in my shoes and thought these are different but hey if they work then great. No real issues with them, just felt different, but what do I know, I've never used grips before. But thought the color blue was an odd color to have as the top of the insert, use to tan or black to match the shoe. Well I was cleaning out one of my desk drawers and found the package they came in (it was a 3 pack), for some reason I turned the package over and read the directions....SEEMS the "blue" side goes down. Yep, for three days I've had these fancy new inserts in upside down. 

Tomorrow I will try a new pair the right way, stay tuned.

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