Sunday, January 06, 2008


We decided that on Friday night we'll have the people who are coming into town over for a little get together. I can't be in more than one place at a time so we'll bring them to me! Good idea?

So here's my question what should I make and of course what should I wear?

I think we'll do something in the crock pot, maybe meatballs for sandwiches or chili and they can eat whenever. Maybe a taco dip, (personal favorite so that's a must) but I need some ideas. I've been googling for recipes and thought this was a better way to find some! 

Tomorrow is suppose to be 50, I'm all over that! 

We looked at a few open houses today we are in love with this one. If you look at the night time roof deck picture you can see they have lights on railing. How cool is that. It doesn't really have a "view" but heck we're not in Beacon Hill anymore. It's Music Guy's perfect place, the style is pretty modern and that's him, not me, but I'm a fan! The couple who own it finished the renovations and got transferred to Seattle all in the same month. There is a condo for sale right next to were we live, when I say next to us I mean we look at it daily. We loved it in pictures and thought this is the perfect place to buy. We went to the open house last weekend and completely hated it. It has a private roof deck and we thought it was pretty sweet but when we went up there it sucked. Do you see a common theme here outdoor space is a MUST! When we were moving in together we looked at about 50 apartments before we (I) found this one with a deck! We kept telling the broker we have to have outdoor space and he kept showing us ones without and finally I had to drop him. Annoying. 

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! I haven't worked on a Monday in weeks, YES a routine!!! 


Ladybug's Picnic said...

House prices around here are simply breaking my spirit right now. But I do love house hunting and I do like that renovated condo!

Libby said...

The condo is gorgeous, I mean I really, really like it!

I think a crock pot meal is the perfect way to go. If you don't already have a chili recipe drop me a line and I'll send you mine.

KK said...

Love the condo!

I recently made a big pot of taco soup while entertaining. That could be an idea for your guests. It goes a long way.

Melissa said...

I love the condo! I love all the colors and everything! I'm a huge fan of neutrals!

My boyfriend just bought a town house for the two of us to live in, and it's unreal how much houses cost in this area!

I also love crock pots! So easy to make delicious food!

Britt said...

I love the style of that condo!

Chili is good...easy for a big group and to make it their own station with sour cream, cheese, chips, name it!

Sarah M said...

I love the condo. I can't wait to move in March. I'm so over my apartment. Good luck!

RED said...

LOVE THAT HOUSE. I don't even like blue but that is a GREAT shade. Looks very move-in ready. The furnishings are on the modern end but that house looks like it has a lot of traditional detailing, very very versatile. Good luck! have to be honest, I am jealous!

Suz said...

Wow, nice digs!

IrishEyes said...

LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it!

I think your out-of-towners are going to be so happy with just seeing you again that whatever you serve will be secondary. Crockpot and as less fuss as possible.

Since your engagement party will be probably somewhat dressy; I would say give everyone a break and go super casual for Friday night. :-)

J said...

That condo is fabulous! The kitchen is gorgeous. I think you should buy it :)

Kate said...

One of my favorite cocktail meatball recipes: frozen cocktail meatballs, a bottle of Chili sauce, a can of cranberry sauce, and garlic & pineapple juice to taste. Sounds awful, I know - but it makes a delicious hot & sweet-sour sauce & it incredibly easy to make.