Saturday, January 05, 2008

Red, white and navy???

I had to return something at Target and end up getting these shoes to wear next weekend. I didn't have any "winter" shoes to wear with navy and these have a low heel so they're perfect. I got home to show Music Guy and it occurred to me i'm going to look like the American Flag! Navy dress, white sweater and red shoes. I'm too much even for myself sometimes!

Happy weekend! We had a busy busy day and now Music Guy's sister J and her hubby G are on there way over to watch the Steelers game. 



J said...

How festive of you! The shoes are very cute.

RED said...

I have those shoes in brown, they are comfy and fun!
You can NEVER go wrong with red, white and blue!! LOVE IT!

IrishEyes said...

They look soft and comfy. . .just the right choice!

Kate said...

Great shoes!