Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear Pats,

Music Guy and I like most of New England have spent the last 16+ weeks glued to our TV watching every play and in the last few weeks I have been close to a heart banger. But after Saturday night's game I'm more than ready for the playoffs!

This brings me to why I'm writing. Your next playoff game is scheduled for January 12th at 8pm. That would be all fine and good normally but see I have had that date reserved for months. You see we're having an engagement party at 7pm that evening and 99.9% of the attendees are Pats fans. You see where the issues is? Music Guy already told me if it wasn't his party he wouldn't go. So talk it over and let me know what time to plan for the game on Sunday!

Your biggest fan,


That's right ladies the first Pats playoff game is set for the night of our engagement party. Which is awesome  as every Pats game we spend yelling, cheering and giving high fives.

I called the restaurant and the Wine Cellar and Lounge we have reserved does not have TV's but the bar downstairs next to it does. Which leads me to my next questions, would it be rude to skip out at 8pm and watch the game? Alright I'm not going to stress about it as there is nothing I can do. Unless Bob Kraft reads my letter and has a talk with Roger Goodell and they move the game to Sunday.

Music Guy did not work from home today but did come home early so we're relaxing and planning out our evening. A friend of ours is having a party at his apartment in Beacon Hill, he has a roof deck that you can see the fireworks from the Boston Commons so that will be neat. I think we're going to head over early and get a drink at the new Liberty Hotel. We've been waiting to since it opened so what a better time than New Year's Eve (famous last words, i think i'll be crowded and we'll end up at the Sevens). The hotel use to be a jail and the lounge is call Clink how fun is that. Similar to the famous hotel chain Jurys bar Cuffs

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve. And at the stroke of mid-night one of our favorite non-bloggers A of fave couple will celebrate her birthday!!! And a happy belated birthday to B of fave couple who's birthday was Friday. Lots of exciting things in the Fave Couple household. 

Happy happy New Year's!!!!


Mrs.Preppy said...

Last time I was in Boston, I stayed at Jury's... It was pretty neat.

Anonymous said...

Check out my newest post!

RED said...

I have to be honest, if it was an Eagles game, I would be in the same boat. And I know, Gabe would have said the same thing MG did about having to be there. Too funny!
Great to have something to look forward to after the holidays! Cheers to you and MG! 2008!

IrishEyes said...

The Pats have been in the playoffs how many times? and how many engagement parties will you have? all the Pats fans know the Pats will win and besides that is what T-vos are for. . .Cheers!

CBM said...

Super funny, K--DH said that if he scored tickets, he might have to offer one to Music Guy and leave the two of us to celebrate in town... LOL! ;)