Sunday, October 03, 2010

Keep it in the family...

As an Irish Catholic, that is a common stereotype of ones family...Being Irish, Catholic and a Midwesterner the heart on your sleeve is the only way to go through life.

The above is here nor there...I am gearing up for next weekend, my absolute favorite cousin is coming to Boston for a visit! Makes me smile she's coming all the way here just to see me!!

My mom sent me this picture last weekend while she was going through old pictures.

That is my cousin Kelly (left) and yours truly Kimba (right), we may be years apart, but we're as close as ever! Her parents, (ovbi my aunt and uncle) are also my godparents, she's the sister I never had!

Love you Kell, can't wait for you to get to the Bean!

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Pink Prayer Journal said...

Lol; you look so cute! I love this picture!

I hope you have a good weekend.

XXOO - Amanda Marie