Friday, March 09, 2007

I am going to hell

I'm again off the wagon.

I went to Subway for lunch, was in the mood for a healthy sub. So I order my 6" turkey on wheat with extra lettus with light mayo....And get the combo meal and yes get a Diet Coke. I am in the middle of picking out my Light Lays chips and as I turn around I (read as God) dump my whole soda all down my CREAM sweater and dry clean only skirt. Oh and I'm wearing my tall boots and some soda runs down the inside of my boot, AND gets into the bag and on the end of my sandwich.

All I was really thinking was YEP I knew I shouldn't get the diet coke but oh well, shame on me! So I sent Music Guy an email saying "I want to make dinner tonight" And when I say "I" I mean myself (i'm the worlds worse cook) so it would be a little errr...treat for him to not cook. All along i'm thinking taco salad or some type of Mexican. Well we finally connect and he wants to make a white pizza because I gave up pizza for lent and if it's "white" it's not really pizza. I still am puzzled about his way of thinking but that's not here nor there. THEN it hits me...I had TURKEY for lunch, a diet coke and was thinking about pizza for dinner. There I go, eating meat on Friday having a diet coke and googling recipes for Mexican Pizza.
I'll be seeing Howard K. Stern in hell.

Anywho, just got my shopping list from the boy and i'm off.

Have a good weekend, hope to be up and blogging more next week!


Anonymous said...

I cheated today too - the cart guy gave me a donut when I bought my cup of tea, I didn't want to be wasteful so I ate it, I figured I would choke on it or something but so far, I'm in the clear. Hope the non-pizza is good!

English Bird said...

Faaaabbbb post!! You poor thing - but I agree with Music guy - white pizza doesn't count!

Britt said...

Hahaha, I've had one diet coke too, somehow I figure how to creatively "get out" of my lent.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kimba. . .as the little rascels say. . .it O-TAY/