Friday, March 02, 2007

Dear Vineyard Vines

I have a fondness to with your company. I love your style from your tote bags down to your whale stickers. I even get excited when I see you in the Nantucket Sound fishing as we blow by to catch bigger fish! Your slogan is to have fun and enjoy life. You have really come a long way from your days of just making ties.

Which brings me to why I'm writing to you. I am getting married in September 2008 and I've pretty much decided on the colors and theme of my wedding and with that came the perfect tie. It was light blue with the cape in navy. This was perfect, all my colors and even the spot of my nuptials hence theme. Now i'm not going to get all Bridezilla on you because I know you will come up with something that is even better. But when I do find it please don't mess with me again, Music Guy nor my friend will be able to take it.

Phiz Up,



suburban prep said...

they make a tie that deals with my hometown on the North Shore of Chicago. It is great perhaps they will try to please.

Kimberly said...

why can't i find your blog?

Anonymous said...

I hate when they have patterns on the website and then you try and order and its gone. Very frustratin - maybe you can track some down through retailers that sell VV?

suburban prep said...
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Anonymous said...

That tie photo is lovely! I am sure that you'll fidn something you like pretty soon. (And the occasional 'Bridezilla' moment is allowed from time to time! LOL!)