Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I have to

complain about the cold and wind. It is nuts!

Long story short, I missed the bus I was planning on taking this morning so I thought it would be a great idea to start walking.
I mean I was all bundled up hat, scarf, one glove (yes one glove) my super heavy duty skiing jacket and mocs. Seemed like a swell idea. Start walking and soon enough another bus will come by and you'll have gotten a little exercise in and still get to work on time.
Funny thing is, when I was walking buses kept passing me but I was never near a bus stop, so yes I ended up walking to work this morning in the damn cold.

I had a very pleasant weekend!

Friday evening we spent time hanging out with Fav Couple, very fun. Always lots'o laughs!

Saturday ahhh, what a day! I believe it was near 60 in Boston and it was heavenly! Sara and I spent the day on Newbury St. Checked out a few bridesmaid dresses and people watched. A few restaurants had tables set up outside for lunch, we were dieing to partake but figured the wait was way beyond our tolerance for a burger and beer! So we opted for Charley's on Newbury and had a great lunch. Our bartender was a a-hole, but as long as our beers were cold and to us fast we were fine!
Saturday night we met up with some friends in Beacon Hill and had dinner with Music Guy's parents who had just returned from their tropical vacation! Nothing is better than being with two very tan people during the whitest time of year!

Sunday was spent starting my spring cleaning, a trip to Target was also in order, cha ching... I hate that I can not walk out of there for under lets say $80, this time it was a "tad" over....

I started my Buff Brides DVD and like i figured it has to be muted. The chick on it is so bad, she has you throw your arms around as if you're throwing your bouquet and tells you as much. Also ask you to do some weird ab move and think of yourselves reaching across the room at your new hubby. Nonetheless it was a good buy, it will be good to add it in to mix up my routine!

On tap for the PM is well trying to stay warm! Brrrr...

Well C this is all i can muster up for now, work work work! :)


Chloe, The Dirty Old Man said...

Lol, thankyou!!!!!

Libby said...

Buff Brides sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit!

MMM said...

I might need to try out Buff Brides...how funny. Where did you get it again?

Kimberly said...

M, I got it on Amazon, it was only $11, with shipping, good deal!

SLC said...

Target - - $80??? That's all? I can't get out of there without spending at least $200. Ours is a Super Target (w/ groceries) so perhaps that adds to it, and Pull-Ups for the boy, and shoes for the girl, and clothes, and DVDs, and Barbies, & Matchbox cars, and ... Argh!! Gotta love Target!

Preppy Wedding said...

That DVD sounds like FUN!