Friday, March 02, 2007

What Weather?

Here in bean-town we had pouring rain and it was going sideways up down and all around. So what does one preppy gal wear to protect her wool suit and super cute updo and headband?

Well a foul weather jacket of course! HA. I got the one in red for Christmas for when we're out fishing in foul weather dauh! :) Oh and it comes equip with a bright yellow hood in the event i fall off the curb or out of a boat they'll be able to spot me!


Anonymous said...

You would've been perfectly dressed to go to court with me this morning!

sssailaway said...

I have this Henri Lloyd jacket in navy.

It comes in some other really cute preppy pastel colors as well. I highly reccomend it.

Plain Jane said...

Hi been lurking because frankly- I SO MISS BOSTON - like your blog too :)

And very cute choice of jacket- I'll take the pink one. :)

ps- if ok, I've added you to my 'daily walk'- just trying to refresh and add new blogs to my blog.

Libby said...

hee-hee, curb, boat, same thing really, aren't they? C-o-l-d as all get out today! I thought that famous groundhog said spring was on its way. Useless little rodent.

Chloe, The Dirty Old Man said...


MMM said...

Love the pink one!