Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Campers

Most of you know I am a huge Sox fan BUT when Football season rolls around I am super pumped. Though I am not a fan of Monday Night Football ads in July, nope can't agree.

Well though it is July I am so happy to say Mini Camp opened today! Lets GO PATS! Ok ok my girls reading me from Wisconsin will not be happy to see that. As when you are born in Wisconsin you are a born Cheese Head which is true. But when you live in Boston for 7 years you well kind of have a soft place for the Pats!

That being said I am not wishing my summer away but am so happy to see a little Football in my news!

Ladies I have been tame through the baseball season as I do not want to jinx anything (i love my BoSox) but I am full throttle come football season...all bets are off! You thought my news on E's lawn was something wait until the ball is snapped!

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