Monday, July 02, 2007

Weekend update

What a wonderful weekend, the weather was perfect and my golf game sucks!

Friday I didn't do a darn thing, i was in bed by 10pm and loved it! I didn't end up fall asleep for a couple hours as I was reading and watching re-runs of Roseanne, yep you heard right Roseanne!

Saturday I got up and headed out right to play golf, I sucked it up pretty bad. But practice makes perfect. So I will be doing a lot of practicing this coming week/end. I am taking off to the Cape tomorrow after work and I took the rest of the week off. It really is a much needed vacation for me. I have been so stressed out the past few months that this is all I can do to slow down.

Sunday was pretty uneventful, I cleaned and waited for Music Guy to return from VT. Speaking of him, he left for the Cape this morning so it's another night alone. No big deal for me, I still have a few chapters of my book I would like to finish. And I'd like to get to bed early and get to work early so I can leave and beat the traffic.

Has anyone tried Coca-Cola cherry zero? It is super good!!!

Not much else going on, just trying to slow down and get ready for vaca!!!


Anonymous said...

Ah, golf - what a stressful little game!! Enjoy your vacation - here's hoping you have great weather, improve your golf game, relax, de-stress, etc, etc ... Have a great time - Cheers!

sisters with style said...

Have a great much needed vacation!

Sarah said...

omg i love coca cola cherry zero but i can never find it! everytime i go food shopping it is sold out!

have a fab vacation! hope the weather is lovely for you!

Tammy B said...

Have a great vacation. I love the cherry coke zeros also, but I have a hard time finding them. They are almost as good as homemade. There is a drugstore down the street from my mother's house that makes cherry cokes with coke syrup, creme de marachino, and carbonated water. They are awsome but full of sugar and calories.

IrishEyes said...

nope. . .nope. . .nope. . .I will stick with my straight diet coke. . .and it has be coke (hate pepsi). . and has to be diet. :-)