Friday, July 06, 2007

How goes it....


I've been having a fabulous relaxing time down the Cape the last few days! It was so smart to take the extra day on Tuesday, it feels like a real vacation! Of course we're eating and drinking like we're on vacation, but I've also gotten some good runs in so I can justify it! No?

What would be a vacation if Kimba didn't get burned. Tuesday I laid out on the deck and read while everyone went on the boat. They got up at 6am and headed out while I snuggled and slept in! Some times you just have to give some of your favorite actives to get a little beauty sleep. And I had some things I wanted to get done so it worked out well! I went to the Hyannis Mall and picked up a new book "In her Shoes", i know again a little behind the times. But I've never seen the movie so I wanted to read the book first. Then headed out on the deck and read and relaxed for a few hours. And then got my legs fried, I even had on sunscreen but the part that got burned hasn't seen much sun so it serves me right.

I'll give more of a Holiday Week update when I returned, but wanted to stop in. I've been keeping up on your post so I don't feel so "out of it"! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful safe 4th and rest of the week!


Britt said...

Glad you are having fun - sounds relaxing! Made the same deal with myself - we'll go for some runs to eat some pizza and beer - you've got to on vacation!

CBM said...

The Cape is WAY more fun than Game On was. Trust me.

Kimba Rimba said...

Ohhh Col, I don't know about that! :) Loved the message!!!!!