Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I would like to see what this dress would look like with a navy or cream colored sash, just can't get the picture with the RED.

I tried this one on for my mom!

One thing is this place only had one size for all their dress, and I swear they were a size 6, and well i'm not there yet! HA! So not many back shots, but you can get the idea!


IrishEyes said...

You are a beautiful bride in all the dresses. I actually like the halter look of this one, but agree, red is too overpowering for the dress. It might be nice with a navy sash though, a softer flowing sash, not such a rigid, shiney one. But YOU look GREAT!

sisters with style said...

Beautfiul! I love the way this dress looks on you! I agree though, I would like to see a different color of sash too.