Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Yoga

Howdy, well today i popped my yoga cherry... yes yes it's true i have NEVER done yoga before. I have always wanted to but never really took the step to try it. And you know what i loved it. I have a lot of learning to do but it was great!

We have a gym at work and once a week the offer yoga, big hugs to my girl Karen for her awesome yoga class. I can't wait until next week. 3 other guys i work with came with, it was pretty funny they made the whole class laugh at times, not what i picture yoga classes being like.
I know E over at PinkandGreenGirl has talked about hot yoga, is it really that good? I think I would die, but would LOVE to try it!

Not much else to report, it's freakin' freezin here in Bean-town. S is taking me to pick up my car in Beacon Hill. It has been parked there all month as I have yet to get a Charlestown resident sticker. But it is way to cold for my car to be sitting without being started for weeks. Good God i hope it starts. But that is why i have AAA.

Music Guy and I are heading down to the Cape tomorrow morning to meet with the Hyannisport Club event manager and then back home to celebrate our friend Kate's birthday! She be a fabulous time, if it warms up!

Not much else to report, like many other blogs i've read i am kind of having bloggers block. I'm blame it on my lame-o life right now and winter!

Any yoga tips?


Anonymous said...

K, I am totally impressed with the yoga - I could never do it; I am the most unbendy person ever and would be worst in class!

But I am pounding away on the treadmill at my swishy new gym!

We are just gonna be so buff, aren't we?! Yay us!

Susan D said...

I've done yoga off & on for several years. I love it - I was shocked, bc you think you'll just be sitting around meditating, but it's much more involved.
I have done hot yoga (bikram) about 3 or 4 times now. I really enjoy it too, but the heat can be rough. A great workout too - the class is 90 min. and according to my heart rate monitor, I can burn about 750 calories. Yes, I'm a gadget nerd! Have fun - do yoga for yourself & don't worry if you aren't in the same exact position as your neighbor.. you will get better every time you go!

clipper829 said...

OMG Kimba. You have to at least try hot yoga. I regularly think I'm going to die during class, but you'll get so hooked on it.

Lisagh said...

Can't wait to hear your report on the Hyanniswhatchamajobbie Club!

J said...

My sister is obsessed with hot yoga--she does it at Baptiste in Cambridge. (There are other locations around Boston too). I've done the hot yoga a few times and, like Erin, usually feel like I am going to die.

Muffy said...

K,I've been totally 'scared' to do yoga too and have been wanting to since 1) I think it will calm me down and 2) I'm really not flexible and feel like I'm going to snap like a twig anytime I try to strectch.

You're an inspiration!!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I'm glad you tried it. It became somewhat addictive for me and I really miss it when I can't go. Good luck!

Kimberly said...

I think i'm a fan. I spent the WHOLE weekend bitching about how sore i was, even my sides and neck and well you name it, if it could hurt it did. Which is very good for me!

I'm hoping to do it a few times a week along with my regular workout, HA. "regular" as if i have a routine!