Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Here are a few very cute dresses that I am a huge fan of, Sara sent me the last two, she's so good!

As you can tell I am going for a blue themed wedding/bridesmaid dress. I do know i like this style, simple with a ivory/white sash. I like the first pictures shade of blue better as the guys will have a dark suit (I couldn't fight that one, I let him choose). A light blue with white polka dot tie, but not the one from VV as i was told it has to many polka dots.. Phhhleease!


suburban prep said...

my sister bought the dresses that her bridemaids wore at a place called --simpledress.com.
The dresses were classic and were reasonable in cost.
She had been a bridesmaid in two other weddings just prior to hers and the dresses were from this place as well.
All of us in my sisters wedding were different sizes and shapes and because they were classic they all looked pretty good.
When I got married (8 yrsago), I bought dresses that were silk taffetta and shorter (knee length) and there right off the rack from Nordstrom and Bloomingdale's (same dress). I too had a blue themed wedding. The color was more of a Navy blue. The groomsmen had on a vest that matched the girl's dresses. My hubby had on an eggshell colored vest under the tux to match my dress color.

MC said...

I am obsessed with Simple Dress and I'm not even getting married! I don't know if they have polka-dots, but I know they will make ties out of the same fabric as the bridesmaids' dresses.

Caroline said...

I love the ones in the middle, probably because the fabric seems more suitable for the outdoor daytime setting in these pictures.

Erin said...

My sister in law got married this summer, and the bridesmaid dresses were from Ann Taylor - I believe the collection is called "celebrations." Anyway, the dresses were so simple and so pretty - navy blue strapless with a lighter blue (sort of a light french blue?) silk sash. I personally would have done hydrangea and ivory roses for the flowers - can you tell I love weddings? LOL!

Here's the link to the dress:
and the sashes are on that page as well.

Preppy Wedding said...

Girl, we need to talk! My girls got j crew dresses in pool (light blue) and I would totally say go for j crew if they have a blue for the spring. They let my girls get price adjustments when the dress went on sale. Most got their dress for under 100 bucks.

I also would say Coren Moore has some beautiful stuff. Nantucket, beach wedding is her style. Here's her site: http://www.corenmoore.com/

sarbmil said...

I'm getting married in September and getting my bridesmaid dresses from Coren Moore. I have looked at tons of dresses and I liked theirs the best.

That first picture is exactly what I have planned for my wedding. We have such good taste!!

KK said...

I had blue dresses too, like the first picture and the bridesmaids carried cream roses! I am from the beach and hydrangeas are my favorite flower, so that was my inspiration.

I have now bookmarked your blog. I LOVE wedding planning talk!

Kimberly said...

Sarbmil, Music Guy's sister is getting married next summer and our dresses are also from Coren Moore. We got them from Flair on Newbury St. Great little place!

kk, thank you! I hope to bring some good wedding talk to the table. I also love hearing about other weddings. I too LOVE hydrangeas and that is kind of what i am working with. Anything that has to do with them will be at my wedding. The Guy is pretty happy about that :) "roll eyes"

I am going to see what Ann Taylor and JCrew have. I love the dresses Preppy Wedding picked out. They will use them over and over, which is key!

I have never seen Simple Dress, thanks for the info!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the first picture is the best - the navy blue blazers highlight the blue of the dresses beautifully. And I think that the blazer/chinos look on the men is very smart indeed (and nautical - very posh Brits call blazers 'boating jackets'!

suburban prep said...

Another spot that I just remembered is Kathlinargiro.com, They have great dresses. Classic and worth taking a look at.

Kimberly said...

Thank you so much!!!