Monday, January 08, 2007

Another shout out to Sara!

I said before Christmas Sara had gotten me such wonderful gifts. She sure over did it, but i loved them all. I took a few pics of my favs!

Is this not so super cute. A wine marker set that is nautical! I can't wait until summer to have a white wine spritzer with one of these cute markers hanging on my glass while I'm sitting on our deck!

This is my favorite, i was just tickled when i opened this! She sure knows me!

She also got me a really cute famed picture of a lighthouse (which her guy picked out) and some other super sweet gifts. She is the best!


lisagh said...

Loving the wine markers... I think I know a little someone who might enjoy a gift like that!

Kimberly said...

It is so cute and perfect for boat lovers! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh where did she ever find the Hydrenga sign? Blue hydrengas are my most favorite flower and I'd love to have that too.

Sharp Lily said...

Love the Hydrangea sign, my best friend got me the same one that says "Nantucket Princess" and it's hanging in my Hoboken apartment (wishing it were in an ACK cottage.) Great gifts!