Tuesday, January 16, 2007

WARNING...another ETP post...

I have been meaning to post my new Engravers Monogram - pink text cards from ETP. They are super cute, i have already sent out a ton out and have gotten calls about how cute they are. I love the new tags Chloe has and behind it was a cute little package of message hearts, a great touch for this time of year!
See how super cute Chloe wraps them. Very yummy looking!

I took two wondering if the flash would be better in the second.

So yep, we're watching American Idol. I like the show when they have everyone picked and they start out with the top how many ever. The second chick they picked already is annoying me, yikes!

I have this super nuts ab video, i did it when i got home from work (while my turkey chili was simmering) i am going to be wicked sore tomorrow. Woohoo! Giddy up abs!


Chloe said...

Oh I am loving American Idol, I am loving even more that my idol Jewel is on it too. Woohoo

And woohoo to another ETP post - man you are the best!

Paige Lynn said...

I am with you on Idol. I really only like watching it when they have picked the top 12. But watching the auditions can be entertaining.