Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'm on my way over to Music Guy's sisters place. They are always fun to watch the game with. I sure hope the Pats blow then away, i can't deal with a stressful game. I made my famous shrimp platter. I use two packages of 1/3 lite cream cheese spread it on a plate and put cocktail sauce over it and then put shrimp on top of that and drizzle more cocktail over it. Then use serve with crackers, yummm! :)
And being a Wisconsin girl I'm also bring cheese and crackers and of course Coors Light. I love FOOTBALL SUNDAYS!!! Now all i need is my fiancee gosh darn it!

I have a ton of pics to post, just no time. That'll be a work project, hehe!

Enjoy the nice New England weather!


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Anonymous said...

GO PATS - so glad that they brought home the WIN - here's wishing them lots of luck this coming weekend - eeee gads!!!

Love the shrimp platter - sounds tasty - Hubby & I were like 2 football freaks - we dined on wings with homemade buffalo sauce, that we did on the grill - isn't this weather just crazy ????