Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am sitting here getting ready to hit it (that's what we say when we're getting ready to go to bed) and I thought why not blog before a good nights sleep! I checked to see if any of my peeps checked out my blog and then for some reason thought hum...I'm going to see if E over at Pink and Green Girl has updated at all this weekend, and indeed she had! She had posted about Sesame Street and it got me thinking about what I watched as a young Kimba and I watched Fraggle Rock....And my family also would call me "Red" referring to Red Fraggle. So as any normal person would do I googled "Fraggle Rock Red" and found this is really why my family called me Red. I always thought it was because I had super Red hair and it was always styled in pigtails...oh was a lot more than that... read and see.

Red - The Enthusiast

Red Fraggle is the kind of Fraggle someone watches and then says, "Now there's a really energetic Fraggle who knows where she's going and what she wants to do." And then, CRASH, Red runs right into a stalagmite. But that doesn't stop Red. It's certainly not her fault the stalagmite didn't know enough to move.

Moving is one thing Red never stops doing except maybe when she's asleep - but even then she keeps moving in her dreams. If she's not diving or running or sliding down the slide, she's balancing a racket or having an adventure or doing her job, which is cleaning the pool. Of all the things that Red does and does well(which, in here opinion, is just about everything) she likes swimming the best. Red's other bests in her life are Mokey, her best friend; Gobo, her best sparring partner; pigtails, her best hairstyle, and the Triple Sideways Over Under Back Twist, her best dive without holding her nose.

There you have it...Kimba a non stop energetic girl and then all of a sudden she smacks into something that shakes things up a tad but NOPE she just keeps on running (and or talking).

So yes after a 1am blogging session I have started to blog in the 3rd person!

Kimba (Red) out... :)

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