Wednesday, January 31, 2007


BREAKING NEWS: Traffic is snarled downtown as more suspicious objects have been found by police in various locations. State police bomb experts are now examining a suspicious item attached to the Longfellow Bridge. Traffic is backed up on Storrow Drive Eastbound before the Longfellow Bridge. That stretch of roadway had been closed but is now open. Meanwhile, Boston police are investigating suspicious items at Columbus and Stuart streets and near the New England Medical Center. Earlier today a device was found on the BU Bridge and on an underpass of I-93 North at Sullivan Station. So far no explosives have been found at any location, according to broadcast reports.

Nothing like a normal day in the city!


Libby said...

No kidding! First I was stuck in the 93 mess. And then I jumped on the train to get to school which is at guess which stop: New England Medical. Jaysus!

Anonymous said...

What a fiasco & over something SO RIDICULOUS - don't these people know that strange devices are all suspect these days - it's the world we live in - look at what a silly little hoax did to f-up the city of Boston & the $$ spent to give it the attention it deserved!!

Jen said...

I saw that on the news last night. (One of the news channels comes in from Boston, and Rochester and Toronto- random.) Great way to ruin people's commutes by a publicity stunt. I couldn't believe it.