Friday, January 05, 2007

my backgroud

yeah so i know, my blog is's a's as plain as plain can get. And to top it off L siffed up her Garage and now i really look lame-o.

Can anyone offer up any tips to a preppy gal who has NO clue about anything?/!

With the guy gone this weekend maybe i can try to figure this crap out!

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Lisagh said...

I did all my spiffing up at home and for the life of me can't find the link I used to help me out right now on my work computer. I googled something like "graphics in blogger templates" and then I just followed the Quick Time video on the link I found. Lots of pausing and rewinding. And LOTS of trial and error... I was up til 2:30 (and I'm paying for it today). It's all about getting in the "template" section, finding the HTML code for stuff and changing it. Believe me, I am not a techie...! If I find that link, I'll pass it along in my comments section b/c a couple of others have asked as well.

Good Luck!