Friday, January 05, 2007

What's up weekend!

You all HAVE to check out what my girl Chloe has added to her super cute line of note card English Tea Paperie LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
I got the monogrammed cards without the ribbon, I really like both but wanted to stay simple, it's all about simple these days!
Now hurry up and get your own, she is giving a discount, HURRY!

Now that I have started my day with shopping on line it's on to other things.

Music Guy is out of town this weekend so it's just mom and me. We're going to go look for a new band and do a little shop talk. Maybe go out to lunch, I would love to go to the outlets, not sure which ones yet, but I think it would be fun! Then Sunday is the Pats game..woohoo!

More to come later! But I had to blog about Chloe's new cards! Sooo cute!


Meg said...

Ha ha...indeed we do. Great minds!

Chloe said...

aww shucks girl! Thankyou

Anonymous said...

PERFECT, Chloe, I am going to come & check 'em out - I used the last of my monogrammed stationary to write 'thank yous' for some Christmas gifts - I am needing some cute note cards - see ya later & thanks to Kimba for the post :)