Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Catching up!

It seems blogging has taken a bit of a backseat the last few days. I've got a lot going on but didn't want another post-less day to go by. I have been keeping up on your blogs so keep the post coming!

Seems we have our date, place and location all set. It's a nice feeling. I think because we were so flexible with the date and time that we never really stressed about the BIG decision of where. We both knew what we ideally wanted for both ourselves and our lovely guest that when we found that and it was within our budget (well as much as anything can be when you're spending that much) we said let's just do it. With his sister getting married in the area next summer his parents had already done all of the research so we knew were weren't missing a "hidden jewel"!
I know there are going to be some things get a little uptight about but i have a feeling I'm going to take this all pretty well. I mean i have all the time in the world there's NO reason for me to get all crazy! HA, stamp this date and time and show it to me when I'm posting a bunch of crazy talk!
Now that the wedding post is out of the way.
A little drama in the city this morning. I-93 was shut down for a period of time this morning due to a suspicious object left under the underpass by Square T station. It worked out well for me as the buses were way to packed i ended up walking all the way to work. It's only about 3 miles but crossing the bridge with the wind off the Harbor is a bit much but I trucked it and feel great! I should keep it up, an extra 3 to 6 miles a day would do wonders plus my daily workout.
Speaking of working out, i have a few things to finish then it's off for my run and back to work!

Anybody have big Super Bowl plans this weekend? Sorry to those (including myself) ho are not thinking about it yet as I'm not over the fact we're not it in.

But I am thinking about the Red Sox. SPEAKING of Red Sox, did you all hear about our boy Theo? He and is odd looking gal pal tied the knot earlier this month. Check the gossip out here Hitch was in his plan. Music Guy made a good point, he's not Brad Pitt what's with the ultra secret plans. Guess as a GM they're use to keeping things from the media to ensure the deals don't get leaked and ruin a possible big hitter coming to Boston, believe me Theo no one was steeling her from you. But good for him, guess she didn't have a wedding blog!


Preppy Wedding said...

Wait until you are two months out. I am so tired of talking and doing wedding stuff, I am SO ready for Aruba!

Kimberly said...

HA. I totally can see that, a little part of me is sick of it now, but that's only because it has been all talk and no action. Bring on the action!!!!

Anonymous said...

3 mile walk to work, impressive. I'm trying to get motivated to start running again (never a fan of the cold weather workout) so I'm trying to pick a fun destination race to get me moving.