Monday, January 29, 2007

Rancho de Kimba

Don't ask...HA

We have great news on the reception it is 100% going to be the Hyannisport Club the date is a bit iffy but it will be in September 2008 kids.

We went down to the Cape early on Saturday and met with RoseAnn the event manager who is really great. Not pushy at all and pretty much said tell me what you want and it'll be done, from Wisconsin Cheese to a raw bar, yep that's is what I've come up with thus far! The place is wonderful even at 11am on a dark Saturday in January.

I am just waiting to hear back from her on a few details with the date, but other than that it's a done deal! I don't want to talk about how great it is as the place will speak for it's self when people arrive. But you can't help but gush over everything.

We also have thought about our save the dates and have some great ideas. Our goal for this whole wedding stuff is to do everything we can ourselves. And i mean EVERYTHING. I of course know there will be things we simply can not do but that's is it. The way our guest list is looking i better start cutting ribbon now! Ok S get your scissors out, you too fav couple A!

Not much other weekend news to report, Friday was too damn cold to go outside let alone do anything! Saturday evening was Kate's bday get together, nothing special just a good time hanging out. Sunday I cleaned our house like a mad woman, our place is so freaking dusty i mean twice a week type of dusting. Do you think it could be from our heaters? I mean we don't let anyone smoke inside, the windows sure aren't open, it's hardwood? For the love of God it's a pain in the butt to keep up. But luckily I'm not the only one in Rancho de Kimba that likes a clean casa. Oh yeah and the SAG awards, we watched those and made burritos on the grill, Yum-O!

Ok the "Rancho de Kimba" was said by Music Guy but didn't take off until I told S about it then we just ran with it. And goodness i think it is FUNNY. The Ranch of Kimba. Or something like that, i know nothing about Spanish so if it sounds good I'll take it!

Off to work and catch up on what you little guys did this weekend!

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