Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday it is....

I think for the most part (besides our bedroom) we are pretty much moved in and finished. And it's a great feeling! People come in and think we've lived here for years. Which i guess is a good thing, but then i wonder if i have to much crap around! Anywho. Another busy week in the Kimba/Music Guy household! We are getting our laundry done now, as before i know it i'll be packing and heading home!

Have you been following the sox news? Matsuzaka for 100 million, YIKES. Baseball is getting out of control, salary cap? Who needs it!

Nothing special to report for dinner, i have no interest to make a thing. House is on and it's new so i'm a fan!

I fear turning on our Christmas tree lights as every time the tree is touched or moves it drops about 1000 needles. Getting that beast out is going to be fun! Throw it off the deck? I'm in!

Starting next week I am getting out my sewing and will post some goodies for ya'll to see!

Have a good night, it's freakin' cold now but tomorrow it is suppose to be in the upper 50's Giddy up!

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