Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Tree oooo Christmas Tree

We need to pick out some dining room table chairs, and I have NO idea what way to go. I do know what i'd really like but I think those are out of the question. Music Guy's parents are going to get them for us for Christmas, which is soo nice! Mrs. Kimba (my mom) got us one of our couches, so we've really lucked out.

We joined a gym in the next town over yesterday, it is only $10 a month. They just opened and are trying to get members, worked for me! When our fav couple came over on Thursday they were telling us all about it, so we signed up on line and in a half hour we're going to have our first workout there. Regardless of what it's like you can't beat $10 a month. We both were members at the Beacon Hill Athletic Club, and it SUCKED...I paid $64 a month for a crappy no good gym so nothing could be any worse! If you can't tell I feel very strongly about it. HA.
Then it's off to get our Christmas tree, I can't wait! I wanted to get it the Friday after Turkey Day but we couldn't find an open tree lot. The only place i saw was K-Mart, and for me there was just a little something about getting my tree at K-Mart that didn't feel right.
At some point I need to run to the Christmas Tree Shop to return some crappy window candles, i got 10 of them and none of the worked. Damn it. Then I went to CVS and found the exact ones i wanted for a dollar less each. Score!
Not sure whats on for the PM but we'll worry about that when the time comes!

I hope you guys have a great Saturday, I really love the weekends!


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