Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Momma!

Well today is my mom's 60th birthday! She came to my work and I took her out to lunch, we had such a wonderful time. She is now on her way to the Wang theater to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular! I am not sure if she has seen the Rockettes before, but regardless this will be a great show!

Tonight we are having her over for dinner. I asked her if she'd like us to take her out to dinner or if we should stay in and make it. She opted for the latter. Which for a Tuesday night is fine with me! I don't think I know exactly what we're going to make, but it'll be great to have her there!

You know my mom said yesterday she needs to get a mani and pedi soon. And of course I do also, I mean who doesn't! So maybe her and I can do that after work tonight? I think that sounds like a plan. Though I would need to get a mani before we head to the Cape for Christmas, my nails wouldn't last that long. So sad. Which reminds me I need to pick up Vitiame E to help my nails. I get so mad at Sara, her manicures last for weeks. Mine on the other hand...not so much!

I am trying to figure out what days I want to take off next week. The whole week sounds like a better plan, but that's not an option. Maybe the day after Christmas and that Friday? It'll be a slow week regardless, but it would be nice to have a long weekend.

Hope you guys are having a good Tuesday. It is finally cold in Bean-Town so it is starting to feel a lot like Christmas...Which I LOVE!

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