Monday, December 11, 2006

Here I am!

Whoa, what a crazy last few weeks. But not to worry I'm back!

Music Guy and I had said we were NOT going to get anything for each other for Christmas, instead we'd get things for the apartment. I couldn't have been happier! Until he said we should set a limit and not go over because he has a few little things he wants to get me. Oh great. I was so happy to be off the hook with Christmas shopping for him. He never gives me any idea's and I have absolutely NO clue what to get him. This is suppose to be a happy time and fun, but I'm stumped. I have to get my shopping shoes on and just get it done! It will be fun and I love to buy for him (when i know what i'm looking for) so it's really not that bad! HA.

This past weekend Music Guy's parents came for a Christmas gathering and stayed the night. It was so much fun. We made a great casual dinner and just enjoyed each other! Lots of laughs!This week is so busy!

Tomorrow I have an all day meeting out of the office, it will be a great training, but it's so hard to be gone all day with no access to email or vmail. I will be able to check my email on my BlackBerry, but it's just not the same. Wednesday night I have to go to Beacon Hill to clean up my old apartment. My mom is coming out for a few weeks and will be staying at my old place, so i need to do a lot of cleaning.Thursday we have an all day meeting (again) and our holiday lunch party and of course a yankee swap. I haven't yet to buy ANY Christmas gifts, i am so bad this year. Then on Friday Music Guy and I fly to Madison on Friday for my family Christmas.

Needless to say I have tons to do and am very stressed but am spending my time blogging. Go figure!I am going to start making my headbands again and also get more crafty, i can't wait. Now this is the real Kimba!

There is NOTHING on TV tonight, and we couldn't find a movie to watch. I am hoping to grab my Country Living and hit it.Crazy week here i come!


Monogram Momma said...

How i Met Your Mother and new Adventures of Old Christine come on on Monday nights and they are both hysterical!

lisagh said...

I agree with MM on How I met your Mother... I just discovered it this past summer and it's really good!