Monday, December 04, 2006

My Monday off

Hi All! I took the day off today and it was a well spent day. First off we had a very good weekend, it was even better knowing I had a long one!

I got up around my normal time and laid around on the couch blogging and just playing on the internet. Which Music Guy is about to put me on a timer with this thing :( "That's all you do". That is so not true, I do however spend a lot of time just reading random blogs but I also use it for even educational things. Like the News and um...., that's about it, other than that it's blogging. OH I also look for headband ideas. See I do use it for more than blogging or shopping.

I had a lot of things to get done so I headed to the Christmas Tree Shop to look for a tree skirt. I found a good one that was only $2.99, it's just a cream fleece with a little snowflake print around the edges, simple yet cute and oh so cheap! Then I had to hit up Target to find some workout pants for again cheap. I don't mind spending money but for things like that i'd rather not if I don't have to. And I found some super cute ones for only $14.99 on sale, they are just what I wanted. Picked up some other daily things for our place, nothing special but for some reason I was able to spend a TON. I think I was reading an old post from Erin's blog about how she always seems to be able to spend $80 dollars at Target, I too feel that is one of the easiest things to do without really getting anything "good". Paper towels and soap doesn't add up that much, yikes, I might need to be watched when I go there.
Then it was off to pick up some goodies for the week. I just love Johnny Foodmaster's deli turkey, it taste just like any of their high end deli meat, just for the record! I got some pita pockets because they are only 1 point on Weight Watchers and they are honey oat, yummy! So a sandwich is only 2-3 points and for lunch that's great plus filling, also easy to eat at work.

I have some chocolate chip cookies in the oven and I am getting ready to start dinner. Funny how domestic I am when i'm not in the office all day! We just had Comcast come to run another line to our bedroom. Oh joy...nothing like Music Guy falling asleep with the TV on and I am the one who has to get up to turn it off! Poor Kimba!!

I'm off to make dinner. I am making Turkey Kielbasa, baked beans and a veggie mix. Kind of a weird combo, but that's what happens when I am left to make dinner, as you can tell unless we are having taco's Music Guy plans the meals!

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